Multiple Sclerosis – my recovery

Warning and disclaimer I am a human guinea pig doing a clinical trial of one person.  I am sharing my honest experiences, good and bad, to help you find your own way forward with MS.  Where possibl…

Source: Multiple Sclerosis – my recovery


Multiple Sclerosis – my recovery

Warning and disclaimer

I am a human guinea pig doing a clinical trial of one person.  I am sharing my honest experiences, good and bad, to help you find your own way forward with MS.  Where possible I have used reliable sources for my research and provide links for you to do your own research.  As they say, people with MS are snowflakes – all unique, with different genetics, different environmental influences, different diets and different bacteria/viruses on board.  What we have is common is that there has been no ‘cure’ on offer, only drugs which perhaps slow down its progress.


Before I took ill I was a very fit, active and sporty woman, in good health; bright, intelligent, educated and with a very positive attitude to life.  My energy level started to fall off in 2010 following a brief attack of nystagmus (eyes flicking from side to side and loss of balance), old people were passing me on the hills, prior to developing more severe neurological symptoms 3 years later.  I had been a nurse for 36 years before the onset of the symptoms so had good enough medical insight.  My unfavorite way to be sick or die would be Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease, both of which diseases were in my family.

How I found my way forward

I had numerous visits to the GP in the year before I started active treatment.  I wasn’t really getting taken seriously until April 2014 when I finally got a referral to see a Neurologist.  The waiting list was very, very long, and my condition was deteriorating rapidly.  By June 2014 I was too ill to work (as a psychotherapist).  My research took on a new urgency – the internet, books, articles – until I was coming to the conclusion that the only possible diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis.
Acceptance and Research: Once I had come to terms with this awful possibility I stepped up my research – really hard to do because of the cognitive symptoms.  There were only treatments which may have slowed down its progression, but I wanted more than that.  The Swank diet made good sense because of the length of the trial, so I cut out saturated fat.  Then I found Terry Wahl’s writings about the Mitochondria and started eating organic food and cut out gluten, dairy and processed food – this helped a lot, but I was unable to tolerate any saturated fats.  I eventually found references to Chlamydia Pneumoniae or Chlamydophilia Pneumoniae  (a newly discovered bacteria in 1986, a respiratory pathogen) being present in the brains of MS patients but it was very difficult to find in live people as it needed special culture methods. It differs from normal bacteria in that it isn’t a complete cell – to survive it needs to live inside your cells where your immune system cannot effectively kill it.  Then I found research had been done at Vanderbilt University in the States.  A British Consultant Bacteriologist became very interested in this research.  His wife had progressed with her MS to a stage where the Neurologists had recommended putting her in a care facility.  His research on Chlamydia Pneumoniae and his professional training in the NHS in the United Kingdom helped him make the decision to start antibiotic treatment on his wife.  As she recovered (with the improving brain scans to prove it) they, with the help of other sufferers,  were pivotal in starting up a self help website for people like us, which you can access here CPN website
Around this time I became so very unwell that I had an emergency appointment with a random GP.  I faced a stark choice – wait passively and watch my brain being killed off bit by bit, or be proactive and try something (even if it seemed like a long shot).  Whatever was destroying my nervous system was doing so at an alarming rate and without respite.  Armed with printed out research recommending a treatment regime of antibiotics, I staggered into the room.  I had a full blown left sided weakness by this time, like a stroke – I was drooping, the left side of my face was twitching uncontrollably, electric shocks jerked down my left leg, and both legs were numb from the knees down.  I was walking on two sticks.  The GP realised that I was only going to deteriorate further while waiting and waiting to see the Neuros, so she agreed to prescribe the antibiotics.  I felt that getting well was more important than a diagnosis from the Neuros.  That was on the 9th of June 2014.  It was a hope, a wild card.  The next day things stopped getting worse.  Now, 22 months later, I am well enough recovered to share my story with you.  I still have to complete the antibiotic treatment to make sure of permanent cure.  I finally got seen by Neuros in August 2014 but many of my symptoms were so resolved by that time that I have never had a diagnosis.  I don’t care.  I’m getting better!

Neurological symptoms

1 Fasciculation of leg muscles, muscle spasms
2 Feeling frozen
3 Developed Raynaud’s syndrome in hands
4 Weight loss of 2 stone
5 Sleep disturbance
6 Depression
7 Numbness from the knees down
8 Electric shocks down left leg
9 Twitching of left side of face, left sided weakness
10 Drooling from corners of mouth
11 Pain when moving eyes
12 Nystagmus (flicking of eyes back and forth) with loss of balance
13 Tremor of hands and in my core
14 Double vision
15 Paling of colours to grey
16 Pinpoint pupils
17 Confusion, disorientation, getting lost in familiar places
18 Unable to complete a spoken sentence
19 Forgetting words, names, information
20 Short term memory dysfunction
21 Reduced comprehension and understanding
22 Tinnitus
23 Inability to deal with busy environments, overwhelmed with data
24 Dislike of bright lights or loud noises
25 Bladder frequency
26 Bladder spasms
27 Sexual dysfunction
28 Inability to tolerate alcohol
29 Unbelievable and all consuming fatigue (mental and physical)

Where to find information

I found all the information on treating Chlamydia Pneumoniae on the website that the team run.  It gives a very comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about starting the treatment, supplements, difficulties and there is an interactive dialogue with all its very experienced members.  They don’t make any money out of it and the information is freely available.   Television interview about the treatment about Dr David Wheldon and his wife Sarah.  Here is a link to the science in a way that you can share with your health care professional.  Basically a series of antibiotics attack and kill the bacteria in its three stages of life, killing off the diseased cells that they inhabit and causing symptoms of die-off as the cells burst open and release the toxins into your system.  It is like chemotherapy and quite unpleasant, but I’ve been able to go to work and cope while on the treatment.
There are many factors in place before you develop Multiple Sclerosis – Genetics, your immune system, environmental factors – so you will only benefit from using this protocol on your disease if you do in fact have Chlamydia Pneumoniae.

Going about this in a scientific way

(1) I decided to get genetic studies done so that I could discover what systems within me were genetically imperfect – and how I could support those systems with diet and life style (a simple saliva sample).  Here I found several interesting things.  I had two defects in my Vitamin D processing gene(homozygous for TDR Taq), which means that I don’t kill invading organisms efficiently, so I kept a check on my levels and supplemented as required.  I used this NHS lab and they charge a modest fee.  I also had numerous defects in the genes responsible for Methylation, genes that do cell processes (MTHFR A1298C, BHMT-02 and -08).  There were supplements that I could take for all my genetic aberrations (SNPs or snips) to support better function, and also  knowledge of what I shouldn’t take in medication and foods.   This helped me to refine the supplements that I was on more scientifically.  Methylation defects mean that cell processing and excretion are sluggish so toxins, bacteria and waste accumulate within the systems.  Dr Amy Yasko is a world leading expert on Autism, Genetics and Methylation problems – she explains that Understanding Methylation is pivotal in understanding MS, Immune system dysfunction, infection and heavy metal toxicity.
(2) The next thing was hair analysis done by a  heavy metal testing company in the UK.  I was shocked to find that I had severe heavy metal poisoning (arsenic, antimony, aluminium, bismuth, cobalt, copper, palladium, vanadium, lead and nickel), moderate toxicity in chromium, dental amalgam, manganese, molybdenum, silver, strontium, titanium and zinc)  and low levels of beryllium, cadmium, gold, magnesium, tin and mercury – so I started a regime to detox.  These heavy metals interfere in your biological systems (methylation) and reduce the functionality of specialised cells.  Heavy metals are supposed to be pulled deep down into the earth where they pose no danger to human health, but modern mining, coal burning and industry bring these into the air, water and food chain.  When heavy metals are deposited into the human body and get past the gut barrier of metalothienen (which, if working properly, keep them out and the good minerals in) they push all the good minerals out of the system and you find yourself deficient in vital minerals (see section on Mineral Imbalance).   Unfortunately, as I discovered later, hair analysis doesn’t routinely screen for iodine deficiency and I let this slip under the radar for about two years – I was taking kept supplements in the long term and thought I was safe.  However, my later research made be curious about iodine deficiency.  I had small haemangiomas on my torso for many years, not realising that this was a sign of iodine deficiency.  Iodine is responsible for metabolic process, not only in the thyroid and ovaries, but in all human cells.  The iodine kills bacteria and viruses.  I did a skin patch to test for deficiency – a 2.5cm square painted on the inside of the wrist with Lugol’s Iodine.  This should only reduce in colour intensity by 10% over 24 hours.  My test showed that only 10% of the staining was left after 24 hours – I was extremely deficient.  I started supplementation gradually at 50mg of iodine a day, increasing that as I could cope. Immediately I noticed symptoms of Bromine, Chlorine and Fluorine detox – headache, runny nose, saliva running from the corners of the mouth – and then symptoms of chills as the iodine displaced heavy metals (aluminium, lead, mercury) which I then chelated out of my system.  Interestingly, these Halogens (Bromine, Chlorine and Fluorine) cause Pineal Gland calcification.  The Pineal Gland is responsible for the production of Melatonin – found to be very low in MS sufferers.

Spirulina, chlorella, coriander, garlic and chia seeds all reduce heavy metal toxicity.  My research came up with zeolite  a powdered mineral which binds with heavy metals in the gut, so I use that, and Pectasol.   To aid further excretion functions in my body I commenced Glutathione  and Silica.  I also found that I was deficient in several vital nutrients which I could then supplement by diet or tablets (zinc, magnesium, selenium).
(3) Experimenting with diet: I was already on the Swank Diet (<20g fat daily), and used the principles of Dr Terry Wahl’s book Healing my Mitochondria.  Previously I had tried the Paleo diet – my MS symptoms got rapidly worse as I couldn’t use the dietary fats, and I developed little fatty lumps around my eyes (these vanished when I started taking high dose Biotin).  However, the Paleo diet did help me to discover that gluten, dairy and soya were fuelling the inflammatory process in my body, so these are permanently excluded from my diet, as is all processed food.   I also read Dr Jelinek’s book collecting all the up to date data on the disease, he being a fellow sufferer.  This is where I first read about Minocycline, an antibiotic, helping MS. I took all common allergens out of my diet and immediately felt better.   I bought a high powered Ninja blender – great when I didn’t have the energy for cooking.  When I found out about the importance of the micro biome (and because I was on antibiotics long term) I took various pro and pre biotics.
(4) I joined lots of MS organisations who had a progressive online presence so that I could keep up to date with cutting edge trials.  I decided to try many of these myself before they had reached their final trials.   I found that there were many exciting possibilities for me to try, but only one at a time and only if they didn’t conflict with the treatment I was on.  I checked drug interactions on line to make sure.  Here are some which have really helped me: (a) Clemastine Fumarate (Tavegil) 1mg, freely available on the internet as an antihistamine.  It is an orphan drug, out of patent, and very cheap.  It has been shown to help regenerate the myelin sheath but do your own research.  In clinical trials 4mg was used to help myelin repair; I used 2mg as it made me sleepy.  I also found (b) Biotin hugely helpful.  I benefitted by having increased energy in my leg muscles, increased heat in my body, and improvements in mobility.  It is known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H.  In normal doses of 10mg daily it helps hair and nails to grow.  Research has shown it helps defective carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, which is rife in MS sufferers (many MSers also suffer from diabetes).  The trial used 300mg in end stage MS, but it has been shown to benefit MSers in general.  There is a helpful FaceBook page for support.  (c) My genetic studies and my hair analysis showed that I was deficient in CoQ10 and this is a supplement recommended for MS sufferers (despite being on this for 2 years).  However, it has only 5% bioavailability and doesn’t readily reach the mitochondria where it is really needed.  I found MitoQ recently and have started taking that with good results.  It has a positive charge that gets it inside the mitochondria 845 times more effectively than regular CoQ10.  There are other regular supplements outlined on the cpnhelp site which facilitate and support your healing while on the Combined Antibiotic Protocol.
(5) You and your family will need determination, courage and some money to do this treatment.  Your GP may or may not be happy to support or prescribe for you.  Many people on the cpnhelp site have to source their own antibiotics.  In my opinion the earlier this treatment is started the better – why wait until your brain has been destroyed beyond recovery?  It is so precious.  I also kept a daily journal of everything that I tried so that I could see patterns, progress or adverse reactions.

The Herxheimer reaction

There isn’t much on the internet about the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction.  It was first observed by these two medics when giving antibiotic treatment for syphilis last century – some patients had an initial toxic response which gave them chills, fast heart beat, rise in blood pressure.  It meant that treatment had to slow down to allow the body to clear the toxins.  Chlamydia pneumoniae is a bacteria which produces a Herx reaction in may people as it is killed off with antibiotics.  Chlamydia pneumoniae operates by preventing normal cell death (apoptosis) of diseased cells, which enable to bacteria to set up reproducing colonies out of sight of the immune system (chronic inflammatory response).
I was stable on my antibiotic treatment and had completed about 40 five-day pulses of Tinidazole by Autumn 2015, although I suffered severely from chills (part of the course, I thought).   I became unwell, briefly lost consciousness, was severely chilled and felt chest discomfort.  It necessitated an emergency visit to the GP and I was found to be severely hypertensive at 240/110.  That’s very high.  The antihypertensive made no difference, and thereafter I had two emergency admissions to ER with similar symptoms.  I was started on more anti-hypertensives and given cardio vascular tests (all normal).  No-one in the hospital suspected a Herx reaction as it isn’t well known.  When my blood pressure was stable and I got home, I decided to pause the antibiotic treatment as I thought it was linked to the severe hypertension.  Gradually my BP returned to normal and I was able to stop the antihypertensives.  I was able to start on Doxy and Azith again, but decided to do some more investigations before I continued with the Tinidazole pulses.  This was when I found that I had such toxic levels of heavy metals.  In practice, as I diminished my heavy metal load, I was able to re start the Tinadazole pulses safely.  I now monitor my pulse, BP and temperature regularly to make sure that I’m not overloading my system.  I used anti-hypertensives to permit my antibiotic protocol to proceed, but I no longer need to take them.

Interestingly  I had a similar Herx reaction when I started taking Biotin at increased levels.  It too seemed to displace toxins from the cells into my circulation causing inflammation (tendonitis), chills and hypertension.  I cut back the dose of Biotin to a tolerable level, continued with my Heavy Metal Detox, and found that I could gradually increase my Biotin dose by 15 mg a week going towards the recommended dose of 100mg x 3 daily.
I would advise that you monitor your Blood Pressure, Pulse and Temperature while you are doing these treatments, and always stay within safe parameters.  I don’t think it was the antibiotics that caused this reaction to be so severe – more that I had so much other toxicity accumulated in my body and my excretion pathways weren’t working properly.

Heavy Metal Detox

I did a lot of research into this before embarking on heavy metal detox and chelation  and found this resource to be the most helpful.  The regime that I have come up with works well, allows you to continue your daily life safely, and does’t deplete good minerals from your body.   It is done in conjunction with mineral replacement – as the heavy metals are taken from your body, the good mineral supplements are there waiting to take up their rightful place.  However I would recommend going slowly as you don’t want to dump more into your system than you can cope with – bearing in mind that your excretion systems may be sub-optimal.  Also, you really want the mobilised heavy metals to be excreted efficiently otherwise they will just go round and round, getting reabsorbed.
• Chia seeds in the morning with breakfast
• Started very small amounts of organic Spirulina and Chlorella (using tablets to start with until I could cope with large doses); make sure it doesn’t contain mercury as it can be grown in areas of polution
• introduced 1 scoop of zeolite at bedtime – an alkaline chalky matrix that absorbs heavy metals but spares the good ones
• supported the liver and kidney cellular function with reduced Glutathione sub lingually 50mg x 3 daily; Alpha GPC extreme 300mg daily (choline supplement); bamboo extract of Organic Silica 300mg daily
• started taking the ‘Green Drink’ twice daily one hour before food and at bedtime, i.e. Spirulina, Chlorella, Pectasol (1 scoop x 2 daily), Zeolite (one scoop x 2 daily), progressing to larger amounts of Spirulina and Chlorella, ultimately achieving 2 heaped teaspoons of each twice daily in a ‘Green Drink’    This mixture will remove all common heavy metals from your system gently over a period of about 6 weeks.
• you should follow the Green Drink 1 hour later with coriander – this helps the bile duct to secrete the absorbed poisons into the gut, ready to be removed – and will take lead out of your body
• After following this regime for 6 weeks, a large amount of heavy metals will have been removed from the system.  It is OK to reduce the Green Drink to once daily at bed time, and repeat the Hair Analysis 3 months after your 6 week detox.  You can then decide whether another round of 6 week detox is needed, or how much maintenance you need to be on, and what specific heavy metal residues are left in your body.  Although you may remove a lot from your brain, liver and kidneys and think you are OK, much of this is stored elsewhere in your body (muscles, bones) and this reservoir will discharge into the general circulation and therefore need further detox.
• I noticed immediate improvement of cognitive function, energy, memory and mood.  Also, the chronic pain and stiffness that I had in my back disappeared and I could move like a young person without creaks and groans.  The other significant difference is a reduction in Blood Pressure (reducing Ramipril slowly until I no longer needed it), improvement in my facial colour and peripheral circulation.  The tinnitus that I’ve suffered from for about 5 years is almost completely gone.  After 3 months I added in DMSA alternate weeks to the regime and this is speeding up the chelation process.

As part of detoxing I bought a portable home sauna – I used this every evening to help excrete toxic waste through my skin.


Methylation support

Again this is personalised to my genome as I have MTHFR mutation
• Methyl folate
• Methylated B6 or P-5-P
• TMG or Betaine 1000mg x 3 daily (methylation support and Homocysteine reduction)

Further down the line I introduced SAMe 400mg and this has substantially resolved the severe Herx reactions I was experiencing.

Mineral imbalance

I tested this with taste testing for mineral deficiencies and having mineral deficiency testing done on my hair – again this is personalised supplementation.  I then had my heavy metal toxicity done, again on my hair samples, and found that the heavy metals displaced all the good minerals that my body required.  I was very low in magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium and others.  Because toxic metals like aluminium and lead were blocking biological processes, my brain was deficient in its capacity to make neurotransmitters – this gave symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, irritability etc.  I got easily absorbable supplements from The Finchley Clinic and on a monthly basis repeated the taste testing.  One very visible indicator of mineral balance improvement was the state of my nails – ridged, easily broken, white spots – progressing to strong healthy nails.


N-Acetyl Cysteine 1200 mg daily –  protects from free radicals, raises glutathione levels, kills the ‘elementary bodies’ of Chlamydia Pneumonia in its infectious form
Doxycycline 200 mg daily – bacteriostatic to create a hostile environment for Chlamydia Pneumonia in its ‘reticulating stage’ of breeding
Azithromycin 250 mg x 3 weekly – supports Doxy and prevents bacterial resistance
I now use Rifampicin 150 mg x 2 daily instead of Doxy (skin sunburn reaction) but I wouldn’t advise this early on in the treatment, it is directly bactericidal and can release too may toxins for the system to cope with.  It is also less easy to source and you need to do Liver function tests while on it.
Instead of Azithromycin, which is fairly expensive, many people use Roxithromycin  300 mg daily as it is cheap and easily obtainable.
Tinidazole  500mg twice daily kills the CPN in its third stage, i.e. when it becomes a hibernatory form deep within the cells, living without oxygen.  It is used further into the treatment regime when NAC, Doxy and Azith are well tolerated, and is used in a short pulse for 1-5 days as tolerated once every 3 weeks.  It really is a killer!  Whatever Herxheimer reactions (see following notes) you may have had before will pale into insignificance when you start on this big boy.  The secret to success is going slowly.  Your system has to be able to excrete the toxins or you will become ill.  No point in killing off the bacteria and dying of a Herx reaction.
Other Bactericidal supplements
• Turmeric, black pepper and ginger
• Astaxanthin
• Essential oils (lavender, oregano, thyme, cannabis sativa) either topically or ingested in dilution
• Garlic

Vitamin Supplements

These are tailored to my own personal needs through having had my genome tested as 23andme and fed into Nutrahacker, i.e. personal nutritional deficits); my starting point was the cpn website’s list of supplements

• Fat soluble vitamins ADEK – be careful with these as they are not easily excreted from the body and can become toxic; keep a check on your Vitamin D level through the laboratory as technically it isn’t a vitamin at all but a seco-steroid with hormonal and endocrine effects; I take Vitamin E as Tocotrienols 100mg as I’m not able to use the regular kind; good oils which your brain needs to repair itself (mercury free fish oil, hemp oil, linseed oil, black seed oil, coconut oil); Super K2 as this is lacking in gut dysbiosis – it is normally made by good bacteria
• Water soluble vitamins, particularly the B vitamins, are vital to brain function – Vitamin B1 as Mega Benfotiamine 250mg; B2 as Riboflavin 100mg; B3 as Niacinamide 500mg; B6 as P-5-P (methylated form) 50mg; B7 or Biotin or Vitamin H, high dose 300mg daily, as per the Biotin trial; Methyl Folate to aid methylation and an inability to use Folic Acid; Pantothenic acid 500mg; Vitamin B12 in which ever formula suits your genetics (methyl cobalamin, Adeno B12, Hydroxycobalamin; Vitamin C 2g daily

Other Supplements

• Mito Q – 847 times more bioavailable than CoQ10, really gets the diseased Mitochondria working effectively, targeted antioxidant – 5mg, 4 daily for MS
• Acetyl-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoid Acid 650 mg x 3 daily, brain cell repair and function
• Lutein 40mg, brain cell repair and function
• Ginko Biloba with or without Vinpocetine (brain stimulant)
• Mental health support for depression (5HTP 100mg daily to improve serotonin levels, L-Tyrosine 1g daily to support dopamine levels)
• Mental health support for anxiety and high GABA levels (GABA plus 200mg as required for racing mind, leg twitching), reduces glutamate levels
• Melatonin 3mg – protects the brain from inflammatory destruction by free radicals and helps promote natural sleep
• Lithium Orotate 5mg – I have experimented with this mineral and find taking 2.5mg daily really helps my brain function and mood; Lithium Orotate research shows that it is sometimes absent from water, and will help the grey matter grow in your brain; caution is to have your lithium levels checked, although in small amounts it isn’t toxic
• CBD Oil – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer obtainable from Love CBD
• Broccoli seed extract, rich in sulphur
• Matcha green tea, organic, anti oxidant
• Milk Thistle (silymarin) to support liver function
• Kelp to support the thyroid

I also used Linseed and hemp oil, mercury free fish oils


Progress Reports

April 2016

I have now been on the antibiotic protocol for just under 2 years, making amazing progress.  I probably have another 2 or so years to go. For the last 8 weeks I have been doing a heavy metal detox and finding my brain more energetic with a lighter mood.  I started taking Biotin last year in small doses and how I’m up to the dose used in the clinical trial (100mg x 3 daily).  Initially I experienced adverse reactions to even small doses of Biotin, tendonitis, elevation in blood pressure, gastric distension and increased spasticity in legs, but I’ve overcome this by detoxing from heavy metals and increasing Biotin dose incrementally.  Biotin has given me much more heat and energy in my body, my walking has vastly improved, and I look forward to myelin repair as a long term outcome.

Of the neurological symptoms listed at the start of this article, my symptoms have resolved 90% – most people don’t notice any neurological deficits. I am aware of some cognitive difficulties lingering, but each month these are improving. I still struggle with taking in a lot of data at one time – instructions, facts, new names or words – but in reality these aren’t greatly impacting on my life. I am able to learn new skills and understandings – I just need to go about it in a different way. My understanding of the disease process is that I got it early, when there was inflammation, infection, brain shrinkage and myelin loss. I hadn’t yet progressed to axonal death. I am hopeful that there is further recovery as I support my body’s ability to heal. I am able to lead a normal-ish life with a regime of medications and diet at the centre of it, I am able to work nearly full time, and physically my energy and strength are returning. One day I hope to climb the mountains again. One day I will swim 100 lengths again.

I am eternally grateful to those who have put out this information on the internet, and grateful that I had enough functioning brain left to engage in my own journey of healing.

June 2016

I have continued to experiment with specific supplements to improve mitochondrial function and have had a good response from a type of vitamin B3 known as NAD+Cell Regenerator Nicotinamide Riboside, 100mg x 2 daily.  Improved mental clarity and brain energy.

I discovered that I was deficient in iodine, despite having taken kelp in the long term.  I had been suffering from chills and low body temperature, but put this down to Herx reactions to the treatment.  I researched the subject of iodine deficiency and found that most of us, apart from the Japanese, are generally deficient; we are even more deficient if we are vegetarian or vegan, which I was.  A simple DIY test is to use Lugol’s Iodine and paint this on the inside of the wrist.  After 24 hours 90% of it should still be there if there is no deficiency.  Mine vanished completely in 2 hours.  I started using Lugol’s Iodine drops 50mg 2 to 3 times daily, slowly increasing this to 250mg spread throughout the day.  The general advice is to do this slowly because Bromine, Fluorine and Chlorine are displaced from the Iodine receptors and cause symptoms of runny eyes, streaming eyes, runny nose and increased salivation.  This can take 3 months to remove all the halides.  However, in the case of heavy metal poisoning, mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminium are also released into the circulation and have to be chelated – it was at this point that I added in the DMSA to remove this increased load of heavy metals.  The main benefit of Iodine supplementation has been mental sharpness/brightness, and feelings of warmth and energy in my body.

September 2016

Started SAMe 400mg daily, increasing to twice daily; initially increased warmth and energy, but then a terrible toxic reaction (possible mercury dump).

October 2016

Bought a Vielight Neurolaser – it radiates cold infra-red light into the brain to give it energy.  Makes my brain feel very bright and happy.

December 2016

The best I have felt since starting the treatment.  Each month that goes by my condition improves.   I am warmer, less frozen all the time and I am having bursts of sweating.  I haven’t sweated for so many years!  Blood pressure improving as Heavy Metal chelation progresses – most recent hair analysis shows I still have levels of Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury an Nickel, but all at a lower level.

February 2016

Results from MRI scan and SPECT scans in November show shrinkage in the frontal lobes and temporal areas, consistent with my early symptoms.  They weren’t able to compare these to a previous MRI in August 2014 when I first attended.  I was shocked to hear they were now considering a diagnosis of FTD (Fronto-Temporal Dementia), a variant of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Without the antibiotic treatment I would be dead as there is no treatment for this either.  However, I did start to research the use of coconut oil – helpful for poor glucose metabolism in the brain and providing ketones for its energy instead – and started to use it orally.  Initially it felt wonderful, I got warmer and the residual numbness in my legs went away – but in a few days I was severely Herxing again.  Upset gut, vomiting, headache and malaise – but I have resumed it at a lower dose.  Apparently it kills of Candida and other fungi, some of which are in the brain, and in doing so release mercury.  Article about Candida and neurological disease



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